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Used old material

House manufacture and wood carving and handicrafts antique woodproducts including Furniture

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offers an
ecologically viable

In tensile strength bamboo is the equivalent of a mild steel (15,000psi) are approximately ten times

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we combine our
capability in designing

We offer standard design as well as accept custom-design modern and traditional tropical wooden houses

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sumatera wood house

Sumatera Rumah Gadang

Typical of the houses of the Minangkabau are the distinctive roofs, which look like buffalo horns.

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java wood house

Javanese Limasan

Limasan are the traditional buildings of Java and South Sumatra with a design ancestry of more than a millennia

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sulawesi wood house

Sulawesi Tongkonan

The rituals associated with the tongkonan are important expressions of Torajan spiritual life

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Borneo Wooden Houses

borneo house

We will assist you on your tropical path. Contact us and let us help develop a program that brings the tropics to you. From product development to sourceing unique products from Indonesian Archipelagos. Indonesia has many island and has many culture too, a country with vast natural beauty stretching from Sabang to Merauke, diversity of culture and tourism combined with the unique characteristics of each local community. One of sample of the cultural heritage of Indonesia is Architecture Wooden House Traditional or Rumah Kayu Tradisional.
Rumah adat kayu or Traditional Wooden House are at the centre of a social relations, traditional laws, taboos, myths and religions that bind the villagers together. The house provides the main focus for the family and its community, and is the point of departure for many activities of its residents.
Traditional Indonesian homes are not architect designed, rather villagers build their own homes, or a community will pool their resources for a structure built under the direction of a master builder and/or a carpenter. Wooden house making in indonesia, the construction of the house symbolizes the division of the macrocosm into three regions: the upper world, the seat of deities and ancestors.

The most satisfying experience in a true tropical lifestyle is how you relate to the environment. With a causal lifestyle habitat, addressing the trade winds and garden visuals, we can enjoy a considerable amount of time with nature. Borneo House Wood Making Indonesia is capable of meeting your specific needs on tropical wooden house environment.

Please feel free to contact us +62819 4492 9999 whatsapp borneo house/whatsapp, if you need any information, We would be glad to giving you the assistance as you required.

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