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West Sumatera Wooden Houses

The Minangkabau are the Indonesian people who lives in the Padang highlands of Sumatra (west of Sumatra). Typical of the houses of the Minangkabau are the distinctive roofs, which look like buffalo horns. The word “Minangkabau” can actually be interpreted as a compound of the words menang (win) and kerbau (buffalo.

This derives from a local legends that people relates that a buffalo fight was arranged by the locals and the people of the influential kingdom of Majapahit (eastern Java). The loacls’buffalo was the winner and since that time they have called themselves the “buffalo winners”, Minangkabau, as a proud testament to their strength and courage.

The houses are called rumah gadang (large house) and are not inhabited by differents families, but by three or four generations who come from one ancestor and thus a rumahgadang is also a family unit, and each of the Minangkabau identifies completely with his or her own rumah gadang. The rumah gadang has three main areas: immediately after the entrance comes a middle ares (rumah tongah), where there is normally a central post; adjoining this the anjuang, and the bedrooms (biliak). Opposite the anjuang is the kitchen and in front of that a large space (pangkalan), where visitors are received.

While the long house is a meeting place for all, the rumah gadang is essentially a women’s area; none of the men spends much time in the house with his mother or his wife, and the biliak (bedrooms) are seen as room of the house reflects a woman’s life cycle, and forms a journey from the central post to the anjuang, then the biliak, and lastly to the kitchen.

Acehnese traditional houses called "Rumoh Aceh". This custom home-type houses on stilts with 3 main sections and an additional part. Three main parts of Aceh is home seuramoë keuë (front porch), seuramoë Teungoh (central foyer) and seuramoë likot (back porch). While an additional part that is rumoh Dapu (home kitchen).

North Sumatera Architecture of traditional houses found in various forms of ornamentation. In general, the form of building custom homes in the Batak indigenous group symbolizing "standing buffalo". It is even more clear to decorate the top of the roof with a buffalo head. The traditional house of the Batak, Batak Ruma, standing tall and stately, and still mostly found in Samosir.

Karo traditional house"Siwaluh Jabu" looks great and is higher in comparison with other custom homes. The roof is made of fibers and is usually coupled with the roofs of the smaller triangle is called a "ayo-ayo rumah" and "tersek". With soaring roof layers Karo's house has a distinctive shape compared with other traditional houses that have only one layer of roofing in North Sumatra.
Batak Toba: Bolon, The form of custom homes in the area Simalungun quite attractive. Complex custom homes in the village of Ancient Causeway consists of several buildings that "house Bolon", Bolon hall, drying, abstinence hall need, and dimples.
Nias Island: "Omo Niha", The shape and layout of the house type and type Gomo Moro. Home with the type of Moro, ovoid shape diagram. While the house type Gomo, schematics nearly a square, but contain curved lines. Nias construction of houses made ​​of hard wood and sturdy. Poles are high, so people can get into under the house. Forms of traditional chief's house, the roof is dominant compared to other houses.

South Sumatera - The house is a wooden stage. In terms of architecture, the wooden houses were called Rumah Limas / pyramid house because of the shape of a pyramid roof. Inherent nature of South Sumatra with fresh water, be it wetlands and rivers, people build houses on stilts. Sungai .Musi on the banks of the pyramid there is still a house overlooking the river entrance.

There are two types of pyramid house in South Sumatra, the pyramid was built houses with floors of different heights and are parallel. Limas house whose floor level is often called a pit house. House building pyramid using unglen or merbau wood is waterproof. The walls are made of wooden planks arranged upright. For up to the house pyramid made ​​of two wooden terraces from the left and right. Part of the terrace house is usually surrounded by a wooden fence called tenggalung barred. Philosophical meaning behind the wooden fence that is to hold that girls are not out of the house.

Part of the room walls are decorated with carved floral motifs are painted with golden color. Not infrequently, the owner uses the tin and gold carvings and antique chandeliers as an accessory. Golden yellow color of paint that will be retained as distinct from Palembang. In addition to wood carvings, decorative carved cabinets along the walls of a confirmation of the guest room

umah Adat Tradisional : Rumah rakit/Rumah Gede Physical form and function of the physical form of traditional house traditional house Belitong very simple, is home Panggong; houses supported by wooden poles the best choice. All the building materials made ​​of wood up to the roof, called the shingles of buildings divided into three parts, patio room, living room or main, buffer space, and space is public space belakang.Ruang terrace; like a living room so the things that not so important can be discussed here, even when the royal officials to watch the show on the Rumah Gede will always be sitting here.

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rumah gadang
rumah gadang
rumah gadang