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Javanese Wooden Houses

Joglo is a traditional Houses of Javanese society. Consisting of 2 main sections namely Pendapa and ndalem. Pendapa this part is the front that have a large room Joglo without barriers, typically used to receive guests or a playroom where children and family leisure. Part palace is part of a room in the house bedroom, living room and other spaces that are more privacy. The characteristics of the building is on the roof towering like a mountain.

Historically, the development of residential Java people can be categorized into 4 types of traditional houses:
* Form Panggangpe
* Kampung form
* Form Limasan
* Form Joglo

Houses Joglo mostly owned by those who can afford. because the house joglo need more material and expensive than other forms of home. Java Community joglo used to think that home should not be owned by any person, by ordinary people, but only allowed for the nobles, kings, and princes, and they are honorable and respectable. But today joglo house also used by all levels of society and also for various other functions, such as conference hall and offices.

Basically house joglo berdenah square shape, with four main pillars in the middle of the call pillars, and is used blandar compound which is called intercropping. This rectangular shapeCentral Java House in its development changed with the additions of space on the side of the building but remained a unitary form of a rectangular floor plan.

Joglo is the famous traditional building in Java especially in central Java. Joglo refers to a traditional wooden house, which has building standard or it is called pakem in Javanese. Commonly joglo is made of high quality of wood since this kind of wood is rather expensive thus only wealthy people or noble whose can build it. At times part of it like the front door or called gebyog are made in luxurious handcraft with particular theme and has specific meaning or philosophy. Therefore, a grand Javanese wooden house is highly priced.

Joglo has specific home plan, which each part of it has particular purport. The home plan of joglo may divide into several parts such as senthong and omah jero as primary territory, jogan and gandhok as secondary territory then pendapa as public territory. Each territory has its own purpose and rules. Primary territory means only the owner has permanently and completes control, senthong that means a room with partition use as private room for the dwellers then omah jero that has similar function with senthong. Next is secondary territory, which is periodically controlled and wide coverage area, this room is not exclusively being used by the dwellers or certain person. Jogan and gandhok is including is this area that is set as semi private room, gandhok is usually set as dining room or living room. jogan is used to receive informal guest or relatives, this part different from pendapa that is a public territory to Central Java Housereceive formal guest, in this territory everyone is allowed as long as that person comply with with certain condition in this area. The home plan of Javanese wooden house can be developed in accordance to the needs however, it still proper to the master plan of it.

This type of wooden house requires spacious area that currently difficult to find. On the other hand, the price is in high price that people will think twice to build it. Thus, its function no longer as a dwelling but it has change as a meeting room since today people do not build their house in joglo style. There is also use as restaurant or hotel which will give unique experience to people when the visit the Javanese wooden house.

Padepokan Central Java is a main building Mangkunegaran palace in Surakarta. Houses and palaces in Central Java, usually consisting of 3 rooms. Marquee. Pringgitan, and Dalem.

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